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Foreign Recruit is Top Recruitment company in Pakistan for Gulf with a promising 3 decades of experience and a strong recruiting portfolio. We cover all major industries and regions in Gulf. From Manpower supply to background checks and international staffing, we specialize in overseas recruitment consultancy. 

We are on top of the list of recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Gulf, GCC countries for oil and gas and construction recruiting. Trusted by industry leaders in all Gulf region.

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Foreign Recruit is a reputed company in the list of Recruitment agencies in Gulf for Pakistan. Contact our recruiting specialists for Gulf recruitment services for all industries in Gulf.

Gulf Recruitment Dynamics

The economy of the Gulf region has attracted millions of people over the last few years. From decade-old high records of sky-rocketed prices of oil to the decrease from $100 to $30 barrel has created an imbalance in the region. Experienced and talented people are moving out of the Gulf states in order to explore new opportunities whereas, the Gulf states are looking for young and fresh competitors who they can hire. The oil-dependent Gulf economy has a lot to offer if managed well. 

The Foreign Recruit Agency has a vast database of potential candidates who have either come from the Gulf states or are willing to go there in order to provide their services. These skilled millennials and qualified GenZ are very much willing to try their luck abroad.

There are a total of seven Arab states in the Persian Gulf region. We will be digging into each of them to explore as many options as we can for our clients and candidates. 

Important Job Roles in Gulf Region

The transformation in the Middle East is significant enough to invite and get new talent from the Gulf nations. Moreover, the shortage of talent over there makes the Gulf region desperate for it. There are some important job roles that can land you a good job in the Middle Eastern region. 

  • Management Accountants 
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Risk Managers 
  • Heads of digital / digital transformation
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) developers
  • Legal counsel
  • Security Analyst 

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