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    Manpower Recruitment Services for Malaysia in Pakistan

    • Over 30 years in Recruiting and consultation.
    • Authorized and licensed by BEOE &  SECP Pakistan.
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    We are one of the best International manpower supply company in Pakistan for Malaysia. We serve as a recruitment company in Pakistan for Malaysia, for all major industries including oil and gas and construction. Hire overseas manpower for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, according to your budget and requirement. 

    If you are looking for manpower service and staffing solutions, Foreign recruit can help you with overseas hiring and international recruiting. Proudly, we have the most promising portfolio, in the list of recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Malaysia. 

    Recruitment Company in Pakistan

    Recruitment Services for Malaysia

    Foreign Recruit’s exposure and in-depth understanding of the Malaysian market helps it make connections with well-reputed firms within Malaysia. Our grip on the recruitment process enabled us to build ties with many firms. We gained our potential customers through adjusting clients’ needs. We aim to hunt for the right kind of talent from every corner of Pakistan. The entire overseas recruitment services collection is available under one roof through our agency. 

    Malaysia’s economy and the job market is progressing every day. This opens a lot of job opportunities for several in Malaysia. The team at Foreign Recruit scrutinizes on proper information available for the candidate as well as the data required for any company. It is important to take company planning into account before shortlisting the ideal people. 

    The world has been hit by a global pandemic and this has led to a shortage of labor in the Malaysian market. There are many different job roles that companies are looking for. From Insurance Agents to Blockchain Developers, from telehealth Nurses to Robotics Engineers, the need for a competitive work-force seems never-ending in the Southeast Asian region.

    As we carry out the best Human Resource capital, fresh candidates are welcomed in Malaysia. Whether you are an employer or a job seeker, all you have to do is connect with our team at Foreign Recruit.

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