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    Best engineering manpower supply company in Asia

    • Over 30 years in Recruiting and consultation.
    • Authorized and licensed by BEOE &  SECP Pakistan.
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    Foreign recruit is helping clients in industrial engineering manpower planning in Gulf and Europe. Our services include engineering manpower supply and staffing for all major engineering disciplines. Not only that, we also assist our clients in Engineering manpower planning based upon the project’s time and budget constraints. 

    Contact us to hire professional engineers for your next engineering project. Because, we promise the best engineering manpower consultation to our clients. Our sophisticated recruiting methods will ensure maximum fill ratio, with highest retention.

    Recruitment Company in Pakistan

    Engineering Industry

    Everything man-made on earth requires some kind of input from engineers for its creation and design. From wanting to supply people with pure water and sanitation to making transportation easy by constructing bridges, engineers work in different roles. Foreign Recruit’s Team is known to have some of the top-notch engineers from the industry. Our technical workforce is the right kind of solution your company needs. Working for quite some time now, we know how to prioritize the needs of our clients.

    Mechanical Engineering Recruitment 

    At Foreign Recruit, the mechanical engineers we have lined up for all the employers are technically minded. We make sure to shortlist the engineers who are able to demonstrate scientific as well as numerical ability on any task. We also have some of the fresh graduates of mechanical engineering who have got problem-solving skills and are willing to make sincere contributions to your company. 

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    Software Engineering Recruitment

    The team at Foreign Recruit targets capable engineers for your company who are professional enough to work on any project effectively. Employers no longer have to hunt for hours on how to recruit and hire great software engineers, as we have already shortlisted talented ones for you. From system analyst to the database administrator, from web designer/developer to IT consultant, you will find all under one roof. 

    Civil Engineering Recruitment

    It is not easy for employers to look for a candidate who fits the criteria under a vast field like that of civil engineering. To make it simpler for you, the Foreign Recruitment Company will reduce the hiring cost for you by providing you some of the great candidates; who fulfill all the roles and responsibilities of civil engineering. Find the world’s competitive civil engineers who can work on projects that deal with positions like consultation manager and design engineer.

    Apart from the above mentioned job roles in the engineering industry, below are some other demanding positions people look for.

    • Materials Engineering 
    • Electrical Engineering 
    • Petroleum Engineering 
    • Biomedical engineering
    • Design Engineering 
    • Project Engineering
    • Technical sales engineering
    • Research and Development
    • Chemical (process) engineering