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    In the list of oil and gas Recruitment agencies, Foreign recruit stands out clearly. Our expertise in oil and gas recruiting for Gulf will help you in international recruitment of oil and gas manpower from Pakistan and other Asian regions. 

    Foreign recruit is one of the few oil and gas recruitment agencies that deliver quality manpower for oilfield. From recruiting for oilrig jobs to overseas placement, we handle your hiring campaign efficiently. We also conduct tests as per requirement. 

    Recruitment Company in Pakistan

    Oil and Gas recruitment industry 

    Over the last few years, the “Petroleum Industry” also known as the “Oil and Gas Industry” has expanded to an extent where there is a need for new and efficient labor daily. This industry is divided into three major parts: midstream, upstream, and downstream. 

    Oil or petroleum is very essential because it is used as a raw material in many chemical products such as fragrances, pharmaceuticals, solvents, pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic, and plastic. This is why excelling in the oil and gas industry is very important for nation-states. The Gulf region is quite rich with natural reservoirs of oil and petroleum. Foreign Recruit looks for all job openings for the employers and candidates in this field from all around the world.

    Find Drilling Supervisors

    We know that when looking for an ideal drilling supervisor, the experience is all that counts. Hence, we shortlisted top-notch companies for the Human resource department to get in touch with eligible candidates who have got a big list of experiences in their resumes.  

    Offshore and Onshore Rig Manpower

    Since the oilfield manpower has to closely work with the project manager, the need for having supply of oil rig manpower  grows here. The team at Foreign Recruit will connect you with some of the most competitive oil field candidates. We supply both fresh and experienced rig staff.

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    Get in touch with our recruiting experts for recruitment consultancy for hiring professional Manpower, anywhere in the world with a click of a button.

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    Reservoir Engineer Recruitment

    What is better than having professional people at your door-step. Foreign Recruit’s team creates a budget-friendly plan to fulfill the roles and responsibilities you need. To make it easy for you, we shortlisted well-experienced candidates who possess analytical skills and a degree in petroleum engineering.

    Some of the other major job roles that are open at Foreign Recruit are mentioned here:

    • Production Engineer
    • Project Engineer 
    • HSE Manager
    • Mechanical Engineer 
    • Geophysicist
    • Drilling engineer
    • Energy engineer
    • Engineering geologist
    • Geochemist
    • Geoscientist
    • Hydrographic surveyor
    • Mining engineer
    • Mudlogger
    • Wellsite geologist