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    Foreign Recruit is top International manpower supply company in Pakistan for Canada. We serve as a recruitment company in Pakistan for Canada, for all major industries including retail, transport and construction. Hire overseas manpower for Canada, according to your budget and requirement. 

    If you are looking for manpower service and staffing solutions, Foreign recruit can help you with overseas hiring and international recruiting. Proudly, we have the most promising portfolio, in the list of recruitment agencies in Pakistan for Canada. 

    Recruitment Company in Pakistan

    Recruitment Services for Canada

    Having the ninth largest GDP in the world, the economy of Canada is a very developed and dynamic one. Since Canada is very welcoming towards immigrants; it is also in need of highly-skilled human resource services from all around the globe. Every Canadian industry is growing at an unstoppable speed in today’s globalized world. The welcoming and encouraging attitude of well-renowned firms of Canada is the reason why most of them are affiliated with  Foreign Recruit. Our team has gained years of experience and exposure in understanding how the Canadian market operates. Foreign Recruit has been operating to fulfill talent acquisition demands for businesses and companies across Canada for many years. 

    We aim at growing teams, advancing careers, providing highly qualified manpower, and changes lives all in all. Working in the Canadian market attracts many foreign professionals because of the conducive and competitive working environment. However, by reaching out to our team at Foreign Recruit, it is no longer a dream. We work with companies in several industries, from senior sales to IT careers, from marketing to engineering and industrial sector, every field has got positions to offer. Our clients’ satisfaction is our priority, which is why we come up with tailor made solutions for you all. 

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