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    • Over 30 years in Recruiting and consultation.
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    Foreign recruit is proudly one of the leaders in IT and staffing recruitment companies for UAE and major Gulf regions, based in Pakistan. Our services include IT staffing and construction technical recruitment. Find skilled IT professionals according to your budget and project requirements.

    We provide IT staff outsourcing solutions in a highly competitive price as compared to other IT staffing agencies in Pakistan. Recruit IT professionals for overseas placement.

    Recruitment Company in Pakistan

    Information Technology Recruitment Industry 

    Foreign Recruit realizes the growing significance of Information technology (IT) in the contemporary era. It has proven to facilitate and help humankind in different ways. The increased use of computers for transmitting, storing, retrieving, and manipulating information for businesses or various enterprises has increased the demand for IT experts. For that matter, our team gives overseas information technology recruitment facilities and human resource services all around the world.

    Hire Cloud Engineers

    The technical skills required for cloud computing skills on resumes is what the IT industry demands.  Making it easy for employers and applicants, our lists have got the names of the biggest firms you all have been dreaming to work with. Not just this, our team at Foreign Recruit manages to get some of the most competitive candidates who possess technical, business skills, security skills, and data analysis and management qualities from all around the world.  

    Many of our professionals have had experiences at well-reputed firms like Amazon Web Series (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. 

    We have broken down the hierarchy roles offered at Foreign Recruit for any IT company.

    • Cloud Architect
    • Cloud Consultant
    • Cloud Product and Project Manager
    • Cloud Services Developer
    • Cloud Software and Network Engineer
    • Cloud System Administrator
    • Cloud System Engineer

    Computer Network Specialist

    Apart from saving your valuable time, Foreign Recruit brings forth professionalism by shortlisting computer network specialists and analysts that have got solid command of a variety of data communication networks and systems. Moreover, there is another list of well-experienced candidates who completed their master’s degree in business administration in order to broaden their focus on information systems. 

    The pool of roles and responsibilities under computer network specialists keeps expanding. This is why we also broadened our job positions for you all. 

    • Computer and Information Research Scientist
    • Computer and Information Systems Manager
    • Computer Network Architect
    • Computer Systems Analyst
    • Computer Systems Manager
    • IT Analyst
    • IT Coordinator
    • Network Administrator
    • Network Architect
    • Network and Computer Systems Administrator
    • Network Engineer
    • Network Systems Administrator
    • Senior Network Architect
    • Senior Network Engineer
    • Senior Network System Administrator
    • Telecommunications Specialist

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    Information Technology Executive hunt

    Finding the right match for your company or finding the right company that matches your work preferences is no longer a difficult thing to have. Through our efficient and cost-effective services, you can get in touch with the perfect type of candidate/company for you. Affiliated with the world’s well-known companies, our team gathers candidates with strong technical backgrounds and special management skills.  We make sure to shortlist people in Leadership in IT who have superior command over creating and implementing policies/systems in order to meet IT objectives.  

    Below we have mentioned some job roles that you might be looking for. 

    • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
    • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
    • Director of Technology
    • IT Director
    • IT Manager
    • Management Information Systems Director
    • Technical Operations Officer

    Not only the major job roles mentioned above are offered by Foreign Recruit but some other important ones that we offer might interest many.

    • Information Technology Analyst
    • Information Security Specialist 
    • Software/Application Developer 
    • Web Developer